Anonymous asked:

How do you pronounce Ivan Braginsky ?

qimao answered:

Russian google translate says it like

eye-vahn brah-gin-skee??



whispers never pronounce it eye-vahn. it’s very american and will make him sad.

always ee-vahn

Please-please-please, always “ee-vahn”! Please! I’m Russian myself, so I know. It’s the most common male name here.

Also, I would like to point (mainly to fanfiction writers, but also to roleplayers!) that “Ivan” is a formal version of the name. So if a character who is talking to Ivan considers himself at least a good informal acquaintance of his (or vice versa, or both together), moreover a relative, a good friend or a lover, he(she) should use “Vanya” instead. ALWAYS Vanya in informal small talk. That’s the way Russians do it, we use hypocorisms - short or diminutive forms of names - for everyone everytime (almost) :)

For another example, my full (formal) name is Natalia - yes, like Belarus :) But everyone from my relatives to friends and colleagues with whom I’m somewhat close at work call me Natasha, or Nata, or Tasha.

For the name “Ivan” there are also several other hypocorisms, “Vanya” is the most common, but there also exist such forms as “Vanechka”, “Vanyatka” - these are used ONLY by lovers and closest relatives ;) 

(I can’t help myself but I physically CRINGE everytime I see fics - especially with sexytimes - where Yao (I LOVE rochu so I’ll go with it) calls Russia “Ivan” between moans and grunts ;) It’s just so unnatural to me! I swear it just couldn’t happen in real life, nobody calls Ivan “Ivan” during sex! :) I know that I can’t and shouldn’t blame writers buuuut… I always think they could use a tiny little linguistic research. I’m sorry but it’s true. )

Also! In “Ivan” and “Vanyatka” word stresses fall on second syllable. In “Vanya” and “Vanechka” - on first.